Opportunities with LKL Ireland

LKL can provide opportunity to develop professional careers in the farming industry.​

With Ireland growing farming sector comes the opportunity to progress. Let LKL assist your professional farming career with support and expertise.​

Video of Working with LKL Ireland

Part 1 - Românii de dincolo de granițele țării


Part 2 - Românii de dincolo de granițele țării



"I've been with LKL on the same farm for the past 14 years and am happy in my job. This part of Hampshire is also a nice area in which to work. In addition to the dairy, the farm has its own thoroughbred stud and racing stables, which are of interest to me. As I am self employed, I can effectively manage my own time, so long as the work gets done. "When I first arrived we had 260 cows and two full-time staff, and I went on an LKL man management course - something they offer for free as part of their ongoing commitment to their contractors. Now I've got full day-to-day responsibility for the whole herd, yielding an impressive 9,500 litres. I am assisted by one Polish worker and a relief milker when the need arises. It's a real motivation booster to be given such a level of responsibility and ownership. I'm also involved in planning and budgeting with the estate owner and farm manager. "The big plus of working for LKL, in addition to the responsibility and trust, is being assured of good working and living conditions. What's more, LKL acts as a third party to negotiate contract terms and conditions on my behalf".

Mark Beer LKL Herdsman for 14 years

Meet the Team.

Our team of field-based managers are supported by a team of farming specialists. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing help and advice on all aspects of farming, helping our clients to find recruitment for a range of farm jobs across the UK and Ireland.

William O Grady 

Recruitment Manager

  Tel: +353 (0)874706315
  Email: [email protected]


Ian Lindsay

International Business Manager

  Tel: +44 7802 596869
  Email: [email protected]
Zoltan Peter

Romanian-Hungarian Regional Manager

  Tel: +44 7541 941003
  Tel: +44 7448043708
  Email: [email protected]