LKL Ireland Recruiting

LKL seeks to provide staff based services to Irish farmers to meet their growing needs and support the industry across all sectors. Our 75 years of experience in the UK has given the depth of knowledge and skills to provide a professional and personal service to improve the success of clients businesses.

LKL have a good supply of hard working Eastern European general farm workers ready to assist expanding Irish farming enterprises. LKL have a proven track record of placing Eastern European’s on UK farms for the last 10 years. Our success is down to strong team and secure structure for sourcing and managing Eastern European workers on all types of livestock farms.​

LKL’s network of managers are responsible for maintaining regular contact with farm owners and managers, providing help and advice on all aspects of farming personnel management.  ​


"LKL hasn’t let me down once in 20 years - they are professional and give good service… We had problems with herdsmen in the past and went to LKL purely on the basis we could change staff easily, but we also ended up with a higher quality person".

Simon Martin

Meet the Team.

Our team of field-based managers are supported by a team of farming specialists. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing help and advice on all aspects of farming, helping our clients to find recruitment for a range of farm jobs across the UK and Ireland.

Ian Lindsay

International Business Manager

  Tel: +447802 596869
  Email: [email protected]
Zoltan Peter

Romanian-Hungarian Regional Manager

  Tel: +447541 941003
  Tel: +447448043708
  Email: [email protected]