Find your next farm job through LKL. Our network of field-based managers, supported by a small team of specialists based at our Cork headquarters, is responsible for maintaining regular contact with farm owners and managers. They provide help and advice on all aspects of farming personnel management, and offer professional recruitment services for a broad range of farm jobs across the Ireland.

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"I've been with LKL on the same farm for the past 14 years and am happy in my job. This part of Hampshire is also a nice area in which to work. In addition to the dairy, the farm has its own thoroughbred stud and racing stables, which are of interest to me. As I am self employed, I can effectively manage my own time, so long as the work gets done.

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Andrew Martin

"LKL hasn’t let me down once in 20 years - they are professional and give good service… We had problems with herdsmen in the past and went to LKL purley on the basis we could change staff easily, but we also ended up with a higher quality person."

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Simon Martin

"With a high calibre herdsman, I’ve got no worries that the job will be done. I’m happy I made the decision to go to LKL and would do so again."

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Mark Shadwick

‘A difficult subject tackled in a sensitive, factual and interesting way.  A very worthwhile course.  It was particularly good that you covered welfare:  mental and physical health and fatigue. 

Safety and Welfare of Staff was all covered in the course and it has led to further discussion on the farm regarding the ways we could not only  improve our working conditions and safety equipment but also the ways in which we communicate with each other.  

I would recommend this course to any LKL farmer or subcontractor’   

Anne Courtney
Crouch Farm